After triple majoring in pre-med, forensic psychology and philosophy, working at the family business, starting an internet company and attempting to finish an MBA, Michelle naturally decided to settle on photography.

Her life is a series of dichotomies. being of Asian descent and over 5 feet 7 inches tall. Born in the Midwest but well traveled to 47 of the US states and various continents by the time she was 23. Raised by a former Irish-Catholic priest and Filipino disc jockey who are 14 years apart in age. Growing up as an only-child, but with way too many animal species as pets. Attending 4 different high schools from a small all-girls private academy to a large coed public institution. Leaving a more than comfortably compensated job to go back to school at the Brooks Institute of Photography in California at the age of 29.

Whether it be from these influences (or maybe just from an overdose of popcorn in her diet) Michelle found photography to be the perfect fit. 1 part artist, 1 part scientist, and 1 part entrepreneur. Her bold enthusiasm is infectious and her graceful approach to life, refreshing. She’s mastered the art of conversation and can elicit your deepest secret within 1 hour of meeting her. Who knows what other escapade she’ll be a part of tomorrow, but for now, as she would say, “This is awwwesome.”

Michelle recently moved back to Chicago from the NYC area with her three boys: Joe (husband), Egon (frenchie) and Manny (pug). She shoots for the editorial, advertising and entertainment industries creating visual narratives almost always with people as her subject. As her father put it, “How can you tell a story without a person in it?” Well, besides when she's shooting stunning landscapes...